The ExSlayer
END OF THE HIATUS INCOMING by Scarlet.Knightmare
August 22nd, 2015, 9:23 pm
This is by far my longest hiatus and I am so sorry. Its been a mix of lack of time and writers block, but summer is ending and the school year is starting which means more time for me. I know that doesn't sound right but its true because I work full time during the summer which takes up more time then working part time and school. Crazy huh.

Anyway I found a way out of my writers block and I know have the remainder of this chapter planned and 2 mother chapters planned, I'm also motivated to work on this next update so I will work on it when I can. I do have one week left of this summer schedule so I'm not for certain about when it will be done, and I can't make promises. Just know I am in fact working on the update now and thank you to those who stayed with me even in this ridiculous hiatus (even though this comic doesn't have a huge following on smackjeeves)I still love you all